Education: A student Experience at the University of Vermont

Education: A student Experience at the University of Vermont

Education: hello um so my name is Chelsea um if you’ve never seen any of my videos in the past I’ve made couple vlogs about my life on campus at the University of Vermont.

here’s the thing you know there’s not any YouTube videos out there because I remember when I was searching for a school I looked up on YouTube and tried to find videos or like vlogs or some things I watched all that stuff on YouTube and it’s kind of how I like search for other schools too I like looked at like bu and do my Sam Hurst and like tried to find like videos and stuff of that on YouTube


there wasn’t any for UVM and so now that I’m making videos I can see that you know people have been messaging me and asking me questions so I wanted to just you know make a quick little video talking about my experience and my thoughts on the school because it’s doing here for about a year and a half but to start off I had the ability to transfer to go somewhere else to go somewhere warmer closer to home.(education)

Experience at the University of Vermont

but I decided to stay here after completing my first semester I’m second semester I decided to obviously still go to school here because I really had a great freshman year and I kind of always knew throughout the process of choosing a college that I didn’t want to come to University of Vermont.(education)

but I remember when I was in high school I was telling people and I was interested about this school or interested in the school and everyone gave me so much trash for it but bothered me a lot because I knew I really like this school but everyone’s like no it’s such a hippie place like you’re gonna hate it there like you wouldn’t be able to find any people like similar to you similar interests like all this stuff so I was like okay I’m not gonna go there and I wanted to go to Lake UMass Amherst or Boston University.(education)

I’m so glad that I didn’t because I know I would not like those schools freshman year I lived in the athletic campus in University Heights which is the best dorm at UVM so that was ideal I didn’t have to do the whole communal bathroom situation which is nice but pretty much every other dorm building doesn’t have AC it’s old and I don’t wanna say gross but living on campus kind of does suck um dorm life.

I didn’t like very much I was on swipes as a freshman so I ate at the dining halls my dining hall was closest to me was hair smells and it was disgusting I like shown pictures of like spiders and stuff like crawling in a field like it’s just the dining halls were not great the other dining hall on redstone campus was a little bit better but still not that good(education)

they’re not like the best dining hall with the central campus dining hall which is a part of the wellness environment so pretty much everyone in that dorm goes meats they’re always really crowded so like if you don’t live in that dorm then it’s a kind of a hassle to get to especially if it’s cold outside(education)

University of Vermont

I don’t know it’s not ideal second semester of my freshman year I switched over to having a points plan which was basically like retail dollars that you could spend at other dying locations on campus that kind of have like more restaurant style foods there’s an app called tapingo where you can pre-order your food which is what I always did and I did that basically because I hated the dining halls every time I ate was like a social experience

I’m a big introvert so I really hated the dining halls but I mean like I powered through it it’s one of those things where it’s like it’s not ideal for anyone you can kind of power through it but oh so in terms of who res life I don’t think res life very much they’re not super accommodating to students I know a lot of other people have problems with them once you get through the first year freshman year with all the living on campus stuff like living on campus is great and all but there’s so many things(education)

I hated about it that is why I moved out my second semester sophomore year just because one res life was not accommodating to me being outlets shoes and roommate which I don’t see why I was not able to do that but my original roommate was staying abroad and they would not let me choose a new roommate so I moved out and yeah I’m just not I’m not very kind I don’t I don’t know

I also joined a sorority when I first got here um which I will never regret because right off the bat I got a big Hana and she definitely made my freshman year so much better having someone to kind of like look out for you and to go to for advice the sorority and like Greg’s life here is pretty low-key recruitment is not nearly as big of a deal as it is at other schools

one of the things that I remember when I went to recruitment is that they didn’t want you to dress up it just spoke a lot about the school in the environment that I was in because it’s such a laid-back thing they were like if you’re coming from class and you’re wearing like sweatpants and just watch you’re like that’s fine and no one judges you or cares about any of that which I I like so it just is a really laid-back and accepting community there are people who like make fun of Greek life and whatever and I think there’s people like that at every school

Why you like University of Vermont

but I think once you’re a part of it you realize like what it actually is and then actual like a more meaningful side of it if I wasn’t in a sorority I would probably be very disconnected from the school so it definitely helped as for like the environment in the campus life and all that stuff Burlington is like such a great place to be it’s partners and why I love it here

so much it sucks in the winter spring semester is always the worst because it’s so cold and it’s really hard to get to class but I’m still here one like concern that I had when I was coming to Burlington was that there wouldn’t be like enough stuff to do and I personally really like shopping and I wanted to make sure that I could still do the things that I was used to doing at home church is awesome because you can literally walk down from campus and you have like a whole array of stores that you can go to we got a target that just

opened up there wasn’t a target when I first came here but how does a target here there’s an Ulta plenty of Starbucks like you got all the necessities also so many opportunities for doing things outdoors I’m actually not the biggest outdoorsy person which was another thing that I was really scared about coming to school here is like I was afraid everyone it’s gonna be like super

outdoorsy and I felt like I wasn’t gonna fit in in that sense but there’s all types of people here will ask me a lot about parties and the people like the people at like semi DNS and I guess all I have to say on that is that a lot of them are ticketed and I’ve told my friends as I go to different schools now

that that’s weird the lot of them are ticketed so it’s kind of like you have to know the people to be able to go to the parties if that makes sense there’s definitely always things to do on the weekends that don’t involve parties and it’s also people don’t like party on the weekdays I don’t know this school was considered


to be like a big party school it’s just not in my opinion like it’s really not over although the campus is like pretty accessible there’s a lot of your resources out there the professors I’ve loved so much I’ve really enjoyed like every single professor that I’ve had and I remember being in high school and people telling

me about like college classes and how they were gonna be super striked and like be ready for that it’s like all this stuff like I don’t know and I also just think like I really love my major I’m a public communication major and the College of Agriculture and life sciences is amazing I love this school but yeah I mean I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t

really love it I would have left easily but I think the main things I love so much about the school is Vermont itself is a really cool state to like get an education and it’s just there are so many different things to do and there’s just a lot of opportunities here and I’ve

made my best friends here I wouldn’t be in a sorority at any other school other than UVM I think the Greek life here is amazing I personally really love it I’ve had a really great experience and that’s that’s petite never said that not it’s my general thoughts on the school if you have any other questions or

anything like that in funny Instagram you can message me I always respond to all my all messages that I get from new viewers and thank you very much for watching and subscribe if you want to see some more videos of the school

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