Best Nursing Careers at the University of Vermont 2019

Best Nursing Careers at the University of Vermont 2019

Nursing Careers: UVM Medical Center is both a level one trauma center and a teaching hospital. This hospital is going to support your professional growth. it’s gonna help you learn, its gonna provide you the resources that you need to get your patient through that difficult time.

We see people at their most vulnerable time but we try an make the experience, for the patient and their family, the best that is can be.

It’s all about the patient and making sure that we work together as a team whether it’s physical therapists, occupational therapists,physicians, nursing staff, we all work together.

It does, definitely, feel like a family. We can finish different tasks that the other person may be starting, or even finish people’s sentences.

Nursing Careers at the University of Vermont

We’ve developed a trust. We rely on each other. Physicians treat us as peers.

There doesn’t feel like the hierarchy. We’re very respected within our roles and they trust our judgment. I’ve worked in a number of emergency departments and the sense of teamwork and collaboration here, is stronger than anywhere else I’ve worked.

The surgeons here, they go the extra mile to make sure that everyone on the team understands what’s going on, and they love to teach.

Since we take care of such a variety of patients, I think continuing education, for us, is huge. In nursing it’s not finite. You don’t accumulate all of your knowledge and then you’re done learning.

The University of Vermont does and amazing job of promoting professional development. The options are endless. Nursing Professional Governance, we call it NPG, is a new model of shared governance at the UVM Medical Center.

We’re looking at, not only the care we provide to our patients and families, but what the experience of being a nurse

at the Medical Center is. How can we optimize that?

How can we support nurses that are looking to go back to school to advance their certifications.

Since working here I’ve been promoted from RN- to RN- . I’m receiving my certification as a stroke nurse.

I’m now, currently, working on my neurology certification. Management has been really supportive in helping me work to achieving that. That is part of the beauty of nursing, you could reinvent yourself every six months if you wanted to. This organization allows you to do that. Moving to Burlington was such a great idea.

I really appreciate UVM’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Vermont, it’s so beautiful, there’s so much to do. It’s got that small town feel but big enough to be exciting. Outdoor sports is huge around here.

There’s tons of nightlife. There’s arts and music all the time. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

It’s very peaceful and serene. It’s pretty unique that you have the opportunity to work at a teaching facility affiliated with a prestigious university, and yet live in the mountains. It’s, like, life changing coming here and just being able to have those resources right at the tips of your fingers.

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